The Team


​Make no mistake, the majority if not all of the work will be performed by me.  If the execution of your businesses' strategy includes website development, or another service outside of my core competencies, I'll call on a trusted member of my network.  You will always be informed of exactly who is performing the work and none of the work is ever outsourced to a third party.


meet the strategy team

The Specialists


​Andrew Fagan:

Elite Level Software Consultation and Integration Services.  CRM, Accounting, etc...

Edward Eadeh:

Website Hosting and Development, IT Solutions and much more.

Todd Riegler - Owner


​I have been working in marketing for nearly my whole adult life.  I've always felt the need to know the products and services that I was presenting to customers at an expert level.  How else could I recommend something to them in good conscience? As it turns out, the more I learned, the more I realized I could most effectively help clients if we worked together directly, with 100% transparency.  So, here we are, and it's fantastic.